Artist Conversation- Week 8 


Artist: Bri Joy 

Exhibition: Merged 

Media: Screen printing 

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East


Brianna started her education at Orange Coast College and trasferred schools. She is currently a student at CSULB and is planning to graduate this year with a BFA. Moving from a small town to Long Beach had a great influence on her art, being that she focuses on two points when creating her art: the small town and the big city. Even with being in a big city and wanting her art to be at a bigger scale, she decided to opt out on a website and stick to what everyone uses around the world, Instagram. 

Her primary technique for her artwork consists of print making. In this exhibit she uses the contrast of black and white and does so in order to create a complex visual, even if the colors are simple. She uses various lines in such a manner that compliments her artwork and gets her meaning across to the person observing. 

Joy’s exhibit is called “Merge” due to having different aspects of her life coming together, like coming from a small town and adapting to a larger environment, she had to merge and it’s been a successful one. The technique she uses is also a way of merging since it uses multiple layers that come together and form a beautiful piece. Her artwork is a representation of her journey and her struggles along the way which the genuine passion comes across in her work. 

It was quite interesting to see how something so simple like the use of lines and black and white colors can come together to create such beautiful work that is meaningful. How struggles along the way layer on our canvas of life and shows our past and present so our future image comes out to exactly how we want it, something extraordinarily beautiful. 


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