Artist Conversation- Week 9 

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play 

Media: Metal work

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery 

Website/ Instagram: N/A

Sean Joy Cabanig is currently a 5th year student and expected to graduate with a BFA in the metals program. She showcases her work at CSULB for her first and last time. She’s originally from Los Angeles and dormed at CSULB for the first two years. She is from Filipino background and was expected to study something different but she realized she really liked metal work. Aside from making metal work she enjoys hanging out with her friends and boyfriend. She likes to cook and play video games. 

Even though some of her pieces look rather simple they can take up to a day to complete. Each piece  varies on complexity and is unique. Since complexity is her main focus, her pieces do take time and effort to make sure it comes out to her liking. She tends to work with silver, which makes the artwork precious due to the metal being quite fragile. Since silver is her metal of choice, she must plan ahead and accordingly to what the fragile metal can handle. She starts with an idea and then sketches her plan out, afterwards, she begins to work hands on with the metals and getting them in the state that she wants it in. Her work ranges and primarily stays in black and white or very neutral colors. 

Sean’s exhibits mainly depicts her life, her moods, and her sense of humor. The way she feels about her parents expectations vs hers comes out through the work. She went in her own pathway as opposed to one her parents wanted her to go down. The name of the exhibit says it all, “All Work All Play” she uses both her seriousness and humor to make her work truly represent who she is. 

Her work is quite beautiful and show that even though you don’t follow your parents set path, you can still make them very proud doing something you enjoy. Also how your personality and who you are should come across in everyone works whether it has to do with art or not, that we should all be proud of who we are. 


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