Art Experience- Art Care Package- Week 13 


So this week we had to send a care package to someone and the person I got is Shayanne Prasad. Funny enough we did the classmate conversation last week so it worked out. I decided to send a few things that along the years have been things that I was really invested in and other I thought were just pretty cool. There’s two nail polishes included in the package because not too long ago I was obsessed with doing my own nails in which I did my own nail art and I loved it! But as my days got busier, I no longer had much time to do my own nails, but every blue moon I still do enjoy it. There’s also a couple of photographs included of some of my favorite places. One being my the beach and the other in downtown LA. I included because photography is something that I’ve always enjoyed and something that will always be so dear to my heart. Also there is a folded heart made out of paper with a design on it, marking a time I was really into origami and folding paper into cool shapes. There’s two stickers included, one being a lokai sticker and one from a coffee shop I got out of state. The meaning of the lokai sticker/ bracelet (not pictured) is to remember to have balance in your life, “When you’re at the top remember to stay humble, and when you’re at the bottom remember to stay hopeful.” The other sticker says “A better world” something we all hope for. And lastly there’s a hand print, which I made my sophomore year in Highschool and I have it as a reminder to always keep the inner child alive and well. 


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