Artist Conversation- Week 12

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession 

Media: Digital Print, Print making 

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West 

Jennifer Chen is currently finishing her last year at Cal State Long Beach. Prior to making art, she was a Biology major, but now has found the passion to teach Art to other students at Cal State Long Beach. 

When Chen creates her art, she starts with finding an image on Google Maps or takes a picture of her own and puts a spin on it. When using print making, she can add different colors and graphics to enhance the image. The colors she uses ranges from vibrant to deeper colors and even shades of black and is detailed. The size of her art varies but for the most part they are of larger size and can notice the details a lot better. But her work is no one-two step process, it is quite a bit of a lengthy process and can’t start one without the previous one being completely done. It was also pretty neat to see how nature changes over time and how Jennifer used her skills to show that. Typically the changes don’t seem to be major and the beginning but once time goes by and it’s the center point, you can really see the drastic change. 

I enjoyed Chen’s Art because it gave me a new appreciation for a different kind of art and how long the process actually takes. It also gave me a new perspective on nature and how some changes may not be significant but give it enough time you’ll start to see a difference, so it’s important that the difference we see is a positive one. 


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