Art Experience- Turning Pages- Week 11

When thinking of a bookstore, you would kind of assume that it would resemble a library of some sort, and though there are books there; The CSULB bookstore has so much more to offer. It was pretty neat walking around and seeing the different parts of it and how it kind of has a little bit of everything there. The books that are present at the book store tend to be just for classes that we’re taking as opposed to ones we would want for reading on our spare time, like the library.

Now the library is pretty neat being that it’s so many floors and it has a pretty nice view from the top floor, but it’s pretty rare that I find myself in the library, so it was pretty cool being in there again. I did find it rather interesting that  the first floor is a bit scarce on books and pretty full of computers and the Starbucks. I guess that’s the result of our lives being ruled by technology that the first floor of the library is a somewhat computer lab, but it was nice to be in touch to the “old times” or times of my childhood, of having paper books and actually reading from them. 


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